What is Python and How to Get Certified in Python!


Python started its journey early in 1990’s by Guido Van Rossum. Since then python is considered as one of the highly demanded technology in IT Industry. We can choose Python as a career-oriented language as it is one of the highly paid technology as per the recent survey. Python professionals are highly in demand in IT sectors and hence there is a demand for freshers and experienced professionals to learn Python and get certified in Python.

Python is a general-purpose high-level programming language capable of performing all the activities as done by the traditional languages like C, C++, Java in very Fewer lines.

Python can be used for a wide variety of applications and has a lot of modules. Python has packages and built-in libraries which reduces the time and coding lines which improves the performance.

Python is Free, Open Source and Object-oriented programming language. It is a very portable programming language. Python is very simple to learn because of simple syntax and it is also simple to debug since it does not support compilation. Python can be picked up by fresher as well as experienced programmers with other languages because of its readability code.

Python has automatic memory management and it also runs on virtual machine i.e Python VM. Changes over the code can be done during runtime. Python can be integrated with any other languages easily. Python is nowadays used in Netflix, Instagram, youtube etc.

Python Journey

Python started its journey as a Scripting language but now Python is being used for

Freshers and experienced professionals can now learn python from scratch and get certified by HPE. Hewlett Packard Enterprise is now offering certification training in Python. Course materials and resources are being directly provided from HPE. Learning the technology from the core and getting certified by one of the top MNC is an added advantage.

Candidates who are interested in registering for this course will be provided 30 Days of intense classroom training by HPE professionals. Candidates will get hands-on live projects to work on and improve their skills in Python. After the course duration is finished students have to go through an examination conducted by HPE which finally awards them HPE Certification for python. An added advantage is that the students can access their certificates using their unique id of certification in HPE website.


Python Training in Hyderabad:

Python training in Hyderabad is being provided by GVS Technosoft. We are the only authorized certification training partners of HPE.

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