For Testing Professionals, Now Conducting “ISTQB”


ISTQB stands for “International Software Testing Quality Board”. ISTQB Certification is an internationally accepted software testing certification that is conducted online by its Member Boards through a testing Exam Provider.

The ISTQB certification program has been provided to help testers learn effective skills and techniques to get ISTQB testing certification with great ease. The board is responsible to conduct a certification exam for test professionals that is valuable throughout the world. This certification is just like other country specific testing certifications but a slight difference is that ISTQB certification is validated for all the places around the world.
It gives great support to their career path by providing certification levels that are corresponded to their roles and experience as well.


Those who are thinking to plan their Career in “Software testing”. Professional testers, Test managers, or those who are currently persuing their graduation & masters in BCA, M.Tech, MCA, B.Tech, B.Sc  IT etc in any stream can opt for this Certification.


  • Having a software testing certificate like ISTQB demonstrates mastery of the best practices and key concepts in the field of Software Testing. This can help advance your career and differentiates you from the rest of the people vying for a position.
  • ISTQB certification is comparatively less expensive than other certifications
  • ISTQB certification will not expire like the CSTP certification which is valid only for three years and after that, testers need to qualify again to keep their certification.
  • ISTQB certification makes you eligible to get the testing job anywhere in this world unlikely to the other certifications which are recognized country wise.
  • There is no minimum qualification or experience needed to take the Foundation Level exam.
  • Consulting companies with certified staff can offer higher-level services to customers, increasing revenues and brand value
  • ISTQB  certification can provide a competitive advantage for companies, promising a higher level of reliability of the applications being developed due to efficient and cost effective testing practices derived from the ISTQB® competencies

This certification is divided into 3 levels:

  1. Foundation level certification
  2. Advanced level certification
  3. Expert level certification

If you are considering working towards your ISTQB exam, GVS Technosoft offers a variety of Quality Management courses that will help you pass, including the ISTQB Certification Training Course. We have included ITILITSMPMP and PRINCE2 to improve multiple business processes. Many of our clients have consulted on their project enhancement and work efficiency improvement.

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