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Scrum is a simple framework that emphasizes teamwork, communications and speed across complex projects. It allows teams to self-organize and make changes quickly, in line with agile principles.

Today’s trend toward agile software environments has created a surge in demand for professionals with expertise in lean and agile methodologies who can successfully manage and execute agile projects. A Scrum Master Certification not only trains a professional in these techniques, but also serves as tangible, demonstrable proof to employers of proficiency in this much sought-after skill set.

The certification would also show that you have the necessary dedication that companies want in their scrum masters. There is a much greater need for scrum masters than for product owners because you can have a single product owner for several products, but every team needs a dedicated scrum master.



  • Get a solid base of Scrum knowledge
  • Change your mindset
  • You can easily participate in the team activities and also, members can feel a sense of self-ownership.
  • You’ll stay relevant and marketable
  • Scrum Master certification benefits your organization
  • Employees can be self-motivated, which can help escalate team performance
  • This training can let you create a work environment which is useful for company’s growth.
  • Influence your organization to adopt an Agile methodology
  • Work better with your peers
  • Prove your core Scrum knowledge to peers
  • Join a community of scrum experts
  • Win projects with qualified employees
  • A badge of honor
  • The knowledge and skills garnered can make the team immune to internal and external distractions.

Job Description for CSM: 

  1. CSM entirely falls under the category of Engineering. Certified Scrum Master can act as a project lead and facilitates the Agile methodology for the teams.
  2. Certified scrum master works with a number of associates, including engineers, production employees, project managers, supply chain personnel, and logistics employees
  3. CSM develops and maintains the Agile training, guide to entry-level engineers, and also ensures that the processes are lined-up with the goals.
  4. CSM is also responsible for arranging the Scrum meetings and Sprint planning sessions
  5. CSM generally reports to the Engineering department head.
  6. According to the need of the CSM’s employer, Scrum master have to work full time or overtime if required. 

 The Need for Multi-Skilled Project Managers

In today’s fast-paced world, the need of the hour is for project managers with skills in allied areas, including , Agile Scrum, Lean and Six Sigma, analytics, and more. Industry recruiters prefer project managers with a broad, diverse skill-set to those with a narrow, highly specific skill-set. Multiple sills also net you more pay. The Project Management Masters program was devised to meet this need

The largest number of certified project managers work in the IT industry in India, and going by the largest employers in that domain (TCS, CTS, Infosys, HCL & IBM), the average salary of a project manager ranges from 13.5 Lakhs Per annum to about 16.8 Lakhs per annum (as per Glassdoor data).

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