JAVA with Android Certification Training

JAVA is a high level and object-oriented language. A platform independent language once is written can be executed anywhere.

Android is an operating system which enhances the device experience and becomes a communicator between you and your gadget. In the most cases JAVA is used to code Android hence we made a comprehensive course combination of both core JAVA and Android.

A training program that is designed by HPE. Learn JAVA and Android from scratch and master your skill set by adding an HPE certification to your profile. All the course materials and certificates will be directly delivered to the student from HPE. GVS Technosoft is an authorized HPE education delivery partner. Indulge in the knowledge of JAVA and Android with our Industrial expertise trainers.

Learning Outcome

  • Learn from experts and gain expertise in JAVA and Android.
  • Practical assignments at the end of every session.
  • Become JAVA & Android Certified Developer

JAVA with Android Course Curriculum:

 Core JAVA:

  • Introduction to JAVA technology
  • Language fundamentals – 1
  • Language fundamentals – 2
  • Language fundamentals – 3
  • Language enhancements (JAVA 7)
  • Array strings and Wrapper class
  • Concept of interface, Abstract class and Exception Handling
  • Nested class
  • Multi-Threading
  • Stream-based I/O
  • NIO
  • Generics
  • Collection of framework
  • The JAVA util.Collection Interface – Support Operations
  • Traversing Collections
  • The JAVA util.List Interface – Support Operations
  • The JAVA util.Set Interface – Support Operations
  • Language enhancements (JAVA 8)


  • Android Overview
  • Android Architecture
  • Android SDK Overview
  • Setup Android Development Environment
  • Android Application Fundamentals
  • Main Building Block
  • User Interface
  • Handling user event
  • Notifying User
  • Application Resource
  • Android System Overview
  • Multimedia in Android
  • Data Storage
  • Security and Permission
  • Graphics
  • Location and Map
  • Basic Content Provider
  • Services
  • Broadcast Receiver
  • Intent Filter
  • Sensors
  • WIFI
  • Camera
  • Bluetooth

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Language English
Mode Classroom Training
Training HPE Industrial Expert Trainer
Certificate HPE Certificate
Course Duration 90 Days