Internet of Things(IOT) Certification

A training program that is designed by HPE. Learn Machine Learning from scratch and master your skill set by adding an HPE certification to your profile. All the course materials and certificates will be directly delivered to the student from HPE.

Internet Of Things (IoT) is when software talks to the machine. Many devices connecting together wirelessly and transmitting the data. It integrates the data from the different devices and transmits the most valuable data. The IoT is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, people, animals that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over the network without human-human and human-computer interaction. Any physical device can be converted into IoT device if it can connect to an internet and controlled by that.

Learning Outcome:

  • Learn Internet of Things from scratch.
  • Learn about the IoT devices.
  • Learn from HPE experts and gain expertise in IoT.
  • Practical assignments at the end of every session.
  • Become HPE Certified of IoT.

Internet Of Things – Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to IoT
  • Embedded Systems
  • Hardware and Software
  • Networking and the Internet
  • Arduino Environment
  • C Programming
  • The Raspberry Pi platform

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Language English
Mode Classroom Training
Training HPE Industrial Expert Trainer
Certificate HPE Certificate
Course Duration 30 Days